Leon Flying Eagle

Born: 12-18-1920 - Transcendence: 10-14-2007

Friends and family joyfully celebrated the amazing life of our extraordinary friend and kupuna, our beloved Leon Flying Eagle. Precious memories, prayers, and drums united at the Maui Veteran's Cemetery at Makawao, on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007, to bless our dearest Leon on his journey to soar beyond the heavenly cloud heights.


Leon's soul spoke to us through his music. The dynamic power that emanated from his beautiful grand piano and keyboard transferred us into another dimension and opened doors into our psycho-genetic memory.

Leon's greatest joy was teaching. For those of us that had the privilege of hearing of his wise words, we will always remember the great passion with which he spoke. He always emphasized that each one of us had very special treasures that were unique to only us. Our precious Leon always encouraged us to be proud of our differences and tolerant of the differences of others.

Flying Eagle with his dear brothers, Rev. Zuiko and Sam Kaai.

Flying Eagle loves ceremony and celebrating the holy seriousness of life with his many friends and large family. He has spent much time chanting and giving blessings to our beautiful Blue Planet and all of her inhabitants. Leon was not traditional and always taught that simple words spoken from the heart were the most powerful ceremonies.

Leon & I became friends, lovers, partners and constant companions on a magical moonlit night in 1975. Our life together has been filled with artwork and music, science and philosophy, crystals and gold mines, and signs and wonders. We shared many awesome adventures and enjoyed a facinating journey to discover the origins of the dual nature of our beautiful earth tribe. Now we begin a new journey together.

The wind gentley flows upon the face of the earth,
the eagle soars above the heavenly cloud heights;
they come together in mystical contact.



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