"In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth born primeval men" ~Plato

Neanderthal using stone tools at Crimean Mountains.










Neanderthal photo by Thomas Ihle taken
at the Neanderthal Museum

Background photo of Ai Petri by Podvalov


an Ice Age Civilization

by Mary Whispering Wind

Plato's Atlantis Dialogues state that Atlantis sank 11,600 years ago, which is the exact end of the Younger Dryas Ice Age.

During the ice age, all across Europe and Asia, many tribes migrated to warmer regions. One of these regions was located in Ukraine and became the motherland of the Empire of Atlantis.

For almost two million years, primitive tribes of people had inhabited the beautiful hills and steppes surrounding the Crimean Mountains, in southern Ukraine. Their culture evolved very slowly. They carved tools and weapons from stone and bone and lived simple lives, dwelling in caves and wooden huts.

About 40 kya, new technologies suddenly began to appear and all sorts of new inventions, such as fish hooks, sewing needles, fishing nets, and animal traps. Beads and shell jewelry began adorning hand-sewn clothing. Large villages of wooden teepees and huts began forming, with large houses, or lodges, made entirely from mammoth bone construction were built.

"... the island ... was sheltered from the north."

Ice Age Earth

Giant ice sheets covered parts of the Earth.

Atlantis was founded, during the ice age, in a warm refuge area located in the Ukrainian Steppe, north of the Black Sea. The tribes that journeyed to the Ukrainian Steppes enjoyed hunting the plentiful wild herds, of all types of animals, that congregated in this refuge.

Atlantis was founded in an Ice Age Refuge Area

Atlantis Ice Age Refuge

During the early founding of Atlantis, there were three ice age refugia in Europe. One was in Spain, one in the Balkans, and the other in Ukraine. The ancient Greek empire was sheltered by the Balkan refuge. The long periods of isolation of these populations actually caused DNA mutations that scientists use to track the migrations of people across Eurasia.

Spain and the north Aegean have been extensively studied as possible locations of Atlantis. However, our research indicates that Atlantis was founded in the Ukrainian Ice Age refuge.

Atlantis was an ice-age paradise.

Seeking shelter from the cold northern blasts, horses, antelope, musk ox, reindeer, wolves, white fox, grey fox, rabbits, bats, red deer, owls, and various rodents congregated in the vast fertile plains of Ukraine and Southern Russia. This concentration of animals, combined with the rich rare black soil, natural resources, and mild climate made this refuge the perfect spot on earth to found Atlantis.

"... the island itself provided most of what was required by them for the uses of life. ... There was an abundance of wood for carpenter’s work, and sufficient maintenance for tame and wild animals ... other sorts of animals, both for those which live in lakes and marshes and rivers, and ... those which live in mountains and on plains ..." Also ... fragrant things ..., whether roots, or herbage, or woods, or essences ..., grew and thrived in that land; also the fruit ..., affording drinks and meats and ointments, and good store of chestnuts and the like, which furnish pleasure and amusement, ... all these that sacred island ... brought forth fair and wondrous and in infinite abundance." ~Plato
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Plato's Atlantis Dialogues state that the Island of Atlantis was excavated from a vast fertile plain, which contained abundant water, plants and animals. Dense forests of oak trees, elm, hazelnut, beech, and many deciduous scrubs flourished in southern Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula, and Southern Russia, as documented by pollen records dated between 11 to 14 kya. The Crimean Mountains still contain the widest variety of plants on earth.


Mammoth art dating 29 kya showing advanced understanding."there were a great number of elephants in the island;"

There were a great number of mammoths in Ukraine. They were hunted for food, and their skins had many uses including for clothing, blankets, and coverings for their huts.


Three radiocarbon dates obtained on mammoth teeth yielded ages of 29 kya, 21, 600, and 15,100 years ago, from the site of Mezin, located on the Desna River. The mammoth artifacts are decorated with artistic lines, resembling calculations.


Mezin was discovered in 1908 by F. K. Volkov, and was excavated over the course of many decades by Ukranian and Russian archeologists such as Efimenko, Voevodskii, and Shovkoplyas.. Mammoth bones decorated with geometric designs from Mezin on the Desna River (after Pidoplichko 1969, 97, fig 31). Photo and text: Hoffecker (2002)




Mammoth bone hut

"In the interior of the temple the roof was of ivory, "


Ivory was used in Atlantis in the construction of their temples. The oldest known house in the world is located in Ukraine. The house is constructed out of mammoth bones and tusks, showing a cultural and artistic origin for the use of ivory for construction and ornamentation in the elaborate buildings and fountains of Atlantis.


Mezhirich, Ukraine, the oldest known "houses", built with various mammoth bones and tusks, between 24,000 BCE to 12,000 BCE.


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